Hello!  I’m Marjorie, co-creator of Wildwood Curriculum.   I am also a homeschooling mom of a blended family, married for over 20 years.

family picture 2012

We have three adult sons from my husband’s first marriage.   Our oldest lives just a few miles down the road with his wife and soon-to-be three children.   My husband and I also have two daughters together, one an adult and one an unexpected blessing that we are starting our homeschooling journey anew with.

We’ve known since we were pregnant with our first daughter that we’d homeschool, and we did so all through her education.

Armed with the knowledge I gained from homeschooling her and seeing what was important and what wasn’t in the long term, I’m excited to begin our younger daughter’s homeschool education.

As co-author of Wildwood Curriculum, I am passionate about making a Charlotte Mason lifestyle accessible to all, regardless of religious or political views,  cultural background, or financial circumstances.