Hi,  I’m Marjorie.

I’m a Charlotte Mason lover and long time homeschooler.

I’m passionate about helping you use Charlotte Mason’s instructions and ideals to create a homeschool that fits your family, regardless of your cultural or religious background.

My goal is to rid you of homeschooling guilt one post and email at a time. My mission is to empower you to create a peaceful and calm homeschool that is filled with joy.

Yes, all that magic happens here.  You’re in the right place.

charlotte mason preschool guide
healthy rhythm

How to Create a Healthy Home Rhythm

An easy step-by-step tutorial to creating a healthy home rhythm, and why you need one. The kids are constantly cranky and you're on edge. The to-do list seems endless and once again the littles fell asleep in front of the TV at who knows what hour. Your day feels out of control, like you never know if you're coming or going. How are you supposed to get dinner on the table at 6 when you ...
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essential resources paint palette

6 Essential Charlotte Mason Resources (you can’t live without)

Discover the six essential resources that will help you create the Charlotte Mason homeschool you've dreamed about. Are you tired of asking for resource ideas, only to get overwhelmed by long lists of books, overly religious content, or the same books recommended over and over? Just tell me what I really need, you think. I don't want a a list of thousands of books, I just want to know what are the best resources to ...
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CM termininology featured image with dictionary

Beginner’s Guide to CM Terminology

Crack the code to Charlotte Mason lingo and feel like an insider. A big stumbling block to any new field is learning the lingo associated with it. Do you remember having to learn vocabulary at the beginning of a new course? It made the rest of the class go much more smoothly. Charlotte Mason is no different. Here's your guide to unfamiliar terms often trip up new people -- and even some veterans! (Disclaimer: this ...
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napping kids using a relaxed schedule

Easy & relaxed Charlotte Mason schedule for early elementary (Parents’ Review)

Learn to create a CM routine with no timers or alarms. Does the thought of keeping a rigid school schedule with a timer make you feel like you're back in public school drudgery? Does it give you flashbacks to gray hallway lockers and cliques of popular kids laughing as they walk past you? Does a niggling part of your brain tell you that if you don't follow a time table, you're just not doing it ...
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form 2 timetables schedule for featured image

Form II Timetables for today

Learn the frequency and duration of upper elementary subjects in a charlotte mason education, and update for today!We've looked at modernizing the Form 1 time table (approx ages 6-9); now let's do the same thing to the Form 2 time table (approximate ages 9-12).In general, students were in Form II for a total of 3 years, approximate ages 9-12 depending on when their birthday was and also when they began with the PNEU (the educational ...
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5 tv shows for charlotte mason homes

5 TV Shows for a Charlotte Mason home

Discover interesting and twaddle-free TV programs for preschool to adult that are good for homes following Charlotte Mason's methods of education. When your child is too sick to spend a lot of time playing, but not sick enough to sleep most of the day, what do you do?  Randomly flip through the channels hoping something catches your eye before your kid sees something you don't want to watch?  ("No, we are not watching Robin Hood ...
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are lessons required at 6

Do We Have to Start Lessons at 6 Years Old?

Your six year old isn’t ready for lessons – is she doomed to a life of failure? Your little one just turned 6 years old and you can finally start homeschooling! You've been waiting for this for months, dutifully following Charlotte Mason's suggestion to delay academics until 6, and now you're raring to go. At first everything was fine. You were excited, little Junior was excited ... but soon (was it days? weeks?) your once ...
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breaking up with your curriculum featured image

Breaking Up with Your Curriculum

I sat on my bed and cried, yet again. My heart ached for my child. Most of the books she had no interest in, and some she barely understood. The activities were a bust, too. She’d rather spend her days hanging upside down from a tree than making the “fun and educational” salt dough map of whatever country we were studying.

I obviously was a terrible teacher, and I wondered if I was really cut out ...
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