Hi,  I’m Marjorie.

I’m a Charlotte Mason lover and long time homeschooler.

I’m passionate about helping you use Charlotte Mason’s instructions and ideals to create a homeschool that fits your family, regardless of your cultural or religious background.

My goal is to rid you of homeschooling guilt one post and email at a time. My mission is to empower you to create a peaceful and calm homeschool that is filled with joy.

Yes, all that magic happens here.  You’re in the right place.



blowing bubbles secular preschool programs

13 Secular Preschool Programs for Charlotte Mason Homes

Learn about 13 secular preschool programs that work with a Charlotte Mason homeschool.Are you searching for a preschool program that will help you bring Charlotte Mason's ideas to your little ones? Need a little hand-holding? Are you tired of asking for recommendations only to find that the program that looks lovely also will "provide a firm foundation in Christ"?I've done the research for you and found several preschool programs and resources that are both secular ...
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form I early elementary timetables alarm clock

Form 1 Timetables for today

LEARN THE FREQUENCY AND DURATION OF EARLY ELEMENTARY SUBJECTS IN A CHARLOTTE MASON EDUCATION, AND UPDATE FOR MODERN LIFE!Have you looked at the time tables but are having trouble translating it to our modern world? Does it all look like a bunch of random subjects? What do you do if you don't want to do school six days a week?Let's break down the timetable into manageable pieces and figure out how to bring it to ...
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Ultimate Guide to Diverse Books

Have you struggled to find diverse books for your children? One of the problems we face as home educators is finding books with main characters who are not of European ancestry. This diversity is important so that children can both look into a mirror (see characters that are like them) and peer through a window (see characters that are not like them). Sure, we can find lists here and there scattered across the interwebs, but ...
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four pillars of a peaceful homeschool

The Four Pillars of a Peaceful Homeschool

Your spouse is almost home from work and you still have no idea what you’re cooking for dinner.  You guess it’s spaghetti again, and hope the family doesn't complain that it’s the second time this week.  You’ve been running all day but can’t figure out what you've done, and you still haven’t gotten a full day of all the lessons you’re “supposed to do” in, and you wonder how in the world people pull off ...
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Charlotte Mason's Formidable List of Attainments

The Formidable List of Attainments for a Child of Six — It’s Not What You Think!

I know you’ve seen it around.  The Formidable List of Attainments for a Child of Six. Maybe you’ve wondered what exactly it’s supposed to be.  Maybe you’ve looked at it and your own child’s skills, and felt lacking.  Like there’s no way your child is there, so obviously it’s a ridiculous and outdated set of standards and you’ll just skip it. Or maybe you’ve looked at it and thought, yep, my 6 year old can ...
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Living Book recommendations from Parents' Review 1890 that are still in print or loved today

Some books recommended in the Parents’ Review

We continue today with reading through The Parents’ Review [1890] Vol 1, No 4.  I’m quite excited about today’s entry -- it’s not an instructional piece, but rather reader submitted book recommendations! Reader Submitted Living Book Recommendations, circa 1890 (Not sure what a living book is?  Read this post for my explanation) Uncle Remus The first recommendation is for Uncle Remus books by Joel C. Harris.  These are apparently the “original” ones, or perhaps I ...
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learn exactly what a living book is and how to spot one. Charlotte Mason secular homeschooling

What are Living Books? (CM Basics)

One of the most frequently asked question by those new to Charlotte Mason is, “what exactly is a living book?” What does that term mean? How do I know if a book is living? When I first started learning about Charlotte Mason through curricula that billed itself as CM (but actually wasn’t), and reading blogs here and there, I developed the idea that living book meant historical fiction. Other places I’ve seen people say that ...
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What Charlotte Mason homeschoolers ought to learn from Waldorf

Do you think that Charlotte Mason’s method of homeschooling and Waldorf homeschooling are opposed? They absolutely are not. While they do deviate substantially once the student reaches age 10 or so,  there are several things that Charlotte Mason homeschoolers can learn from followers of Rudolph Steiner. Charlotte Mason vs Waldorf One thing I’ve noticed while hanging out in both Waldorf and Charlotte Mason groups is that even though Charlotte and Steiner shared many ideas, their ...
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